Bri Hammond Portrait

Bri Hammond is a lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne, Australia, who works commercially and editorially, shooting people, places and things with a high attention to detail. Her images are technically precise, yet consistently convey genuine and spontaneous emotion. They invite you into the intimate world of share houses, the lives of some of the country’s most iconic creatives, or a world far away.  

The calm, quiet energy in Bri’s photos is the result of her ability to put people at ease. Flip through the pages of frankie magazine, Smith Journal or SPACES to see myriad examples of her fun and friendly work. There's an emphasis on composition and polished aesthetics in Bri's photos; this is no accident. She holds a degree in graphic design, and consequently has an ever-vigilant eye for visual language and communication, minimalism, using framing and space to tell a story, as well as colour and texture – thus ensuring that every photo is both beautiful and functional. But it’s collaborating with other creatives that motivates Bri most of all. That, and music, travel photography, Italian food, handmade objects, dogs, and women helping women.

She works out of Nicholson Street Studios in Brunswick East, with a fully equipped photography studio, draped in beautiful, natural light. Because she’s not one to brag, you won’t see her awards sitting around her desk. But for the record, she nabbed frankie magazine’s Good Stuff Photography Award in 2017. She also won the NewStar award at the 2010 AGIdeas conference for her socially-minded design work, which earned her a sport working at Fabrica, Benetton’s Creative Research Centre in Treviso, Italy.

Following her time working in Europe, Bri moved to Melbourne, where she undertook a degree in commercial photography at RMIT. She also gained extensive experience assisting well-established photographers on large-scale, commercial shoots. Bri is originally from South Australia and maintains strong ties to home.



Bri Hammond
Phone: +61 409 806 332