Step right up - fashion editorial for frankie

A 7 page editorial in frankie's 75th issue, showing off some fancy kicks on some fancy tiles. One of the most challenging shoots I've ever done, having to match the lighting in a variety of locations, often in crowded and dark cafes! I've explained how I managed in some behind the scenes shots at the bottom of this post. 


I knew that matching the lighting in a variety of locations would be one of the biggest challenges, without the space or ability to set up lighting stands. I was lucky to have friends Chris and Caitlin assist me by helping to hold reflectors, diffusers and speedlights pointing through. I made a conscious decision to always have the light source on the right hand side, regardless of it being natural light or flash. This photo below is an example of what the ambient light would have been like in a dark crowded cafe before adding flash.

Below is an example of how I set up the flash in the dark places. We'd hold a diffuser on the right, with my assistant holding a speedlight and pointing through. I would sometimes use a reflector on the left hand side, but sometimes there was enough natural light to balance with for the fill light. 

Here's an example of the editing process. I would clean the tiles up a little, and enhance the colour on the tiles.