Paul Barbera Workshop at the Robin Boyd House

I feel very lucky to have participated in a workshop by the legendary Paul Barbera last weekend. We were able to take photos (and watch Paul work his magic) at the Robin Boyd Walsh Street house, a beautiful and functional modern home designed by Boyd in 1958 for himself and his family to live in. 

I met many other wonderful photographers and got so much out of Paul's lessons, and feeling very inspired right now! Paul has been inspirational to my work for the last 5 years, and his way of working and methodology align closely to my own aspirations. It's so encouraging to know that someone with Paul's simple and understated style can make it big in this industry - you don't need the big lights and flashy super constructed photos to impress. If you're reading this Paul, THANK YOU! If you're not familiar with Paul Barbera's work, check it out, especially his blog Where They Create.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day.