Tai Snaith - Artist

Photos from my visit to Tai Snaith's drool-worthy home for Extraordinary Routines. Check out her insightful interview with Madeleine over on the Extraordinary Routines website, where she talks slowing down and balancing motherhood with her art practice. 

"I never used to have enough time but now I feel like that’s all just a concept – you decide how much time you have, you choose that. You can work instead of watching Broad City, or first thing in the morning. I’m just starting to feel a bit more in control of that." Tai Snaith for Extraordinary Routines.

Kitiya Palaskas - Crafty designer

Photos of Kitiya Palaskas's daily routine - from her morning routine at home, to a day spent in her colourful studio, shot for Extraordinary Routines

Kit lives in the most incredible house and was also one of my willing subjects for my Sharehomes project. Check it out if you haven't seen her house yet! 

"It’s important to do small things to treat yourself every day so life doesn’t feel like a chore." - Kitiya Palaskas

Melinda Harper - Artist

Photos from the home of abstract artist, Melinda Harper, shot for Extraordinary Routines. Read the full interview and see all the photos on Extraordinary Routines. Melinda lives in Castlemaine with her two children and currently has a huge collection of her work featured at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

"What people do with their time is what is most important. That doesn't have to be producing something or making something, it can be as simple as being kind." – Melinda Harper

Spencer Harrison - Artist

I’ve always been so impressed by Spencer’s art, whether it be his commercial stuff or art. His work ethic is astounding with about a billion side projects on the go at any one time, including ceramics, pattern drawing and art making.

Spencer has an art exhibition opening this Sunday at a new bar called The Back Room in Thornbury, where he will be showing the work photographed below (but you have to see them in the flesh, the precision of the handcut paper is incredible!).

More of Spencer’s work can be seen at www.spenceroni.com.