Zoë Foster Blake - Writer

Zoë Foster Blake's career spans working as a journalist, columnist, and beauty editor, as well as being the author of four fiction titles and two non-fiction books, and the founder of the skin care line Go-To. Additionally, her novel The Wrong Girl has just been adapted into a TV series for Channel 10. AND she's the mother to toddler Sonny (I got to meet him too, so cute!) and wife to Hamish Blake... if you want to know how she manages to juggle it all, have a read of her daily routine at Extraordinary Routines

"I think it is good to have goals and so on, and I guess there are those that say if you want something you have to go out and get it, but I really believe that most of the things that have happened in my life have been luck, timing, or a total “get on with life” moment. Do your best work, put it out there, and then move on." - Zoë Foster Blake for Extraordinary Routines

Tai Snaith - Artist

Photos from my visit to Tai Snaith's drool-worthy home for Extraordinary Routines. Check out her insightful interview with Madeleine over on the Extraordinary Routines website, where she talks slowing down and balancing motherhood with her art practice. 

"I never used to have enough time but now I feel like that’s all just a concept – you decide how much time you have, you choose that. You can work instead of watching Broad City, or first thing in the morning. I’m just starting to feel a bit more in control of that." Tai Snaith for Extraordinary Routines.

Melinda Harper - Artist

Photos from the home of abstract artist, Melinda Harper, shot for Extraordinary Routines. Read the full interview and see all the photos on Extraordinary Routines. Melinda lives in Castlemaine with her two children and currently has a huge collection of her work featured at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

"What people do with their time is what is most important. That doesn't have to be producing something or making something, it can be as simple as being kind." – Melinda Harper

Chris Edser - Illustrator and Animator

Chris Edser is an incredible illustrator and animator from Adelaide, currently residing in Melbourne. He's also my boyfriend. I remember writing in a visual diary created in my first year studying graphic design 'cool drawing', under a picture of his I had printed and pasted in the book, before even meeting him. Read about Chris's daily routine and see more photos at extraordinaryroutines.com

Lucy Feagins - The Design Files

Lucy Feagins, the genius behind The Design Files, shot for Extraordinary Routines. I've been a big fan of The Design Files for many, many years now, so meeting Lucy and getting to shoot her in her studio was really special to me. See the full interview and more photos on Extraordinaryroutines.com.

“No matter how good you are, you should always push yourself to be better. Having other people around you doing great things is the best motivation.” — Lucy Feagins