Tai Snaith - Artist

Photos from my visit to Tai Snaith's drool-worthy home for Extraordinary Routines. Check out her insightful interview with Madeleine over on the Extraordinary Routines website, where she talks slowing down and balancing motherhood with her art practice. 

"I never used to have enough time but now I feel like that’s all just a concept – you decide how much time you have, you choose that. You can work instead of watching Broad City, or first thing in the morning. I’m just starting to feel a bit more in control of that." Tai Snaith for Extraordinary Routines.

Nikki Lam - Curious Other

Photos from the home of curator and artist, Nikki Lam. Shot for Extraordinary Routines. Read about Nikki's routine here

"Art making is a very personal process, and it is often internalised. You may just be sitting there having a cup of tea, or spending a couple of hours in bed just lying there thinking, but that is part of the process. There are a different set of scales when it comes to creativity." - Nikki Lam.