Georgia Frances King - Editor

Sometimes I can't believe I get to meet the inspiring people I do and see the amazing homes I get to step foot in because of my job. My time with Georgia Frances King in her street-art-collecting parents' home was right up there with the best experiences so far. Georgia was previously the editor of Kinfolk magazine, assistant editor of Frankie magazine (my two favourites!), and is now the new Deputy Ideas Editor (what a cool title) at Quartz in NYC. Have a read/look at her interview feature over at Extraordinary Routines

I love what Georgia had to say about the curse of being busy. "When people are asked how they are, their answer so often is 'I’m so busy.' So I banned those words from my vocabulary and decided that I wasn’t going to define myself by how busy I am." - Georgia Frances King for Extraordinary Routines. 

Melinda Harper - Artist

Photos from the home of abstract artist, Melinda Harper, shot for Extraordinary Routines. Read the full interview and see all the photos on Extraordinary Routines. Melinda lives in Castlemaine with her two children and currently has a huge collection of her work featured at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

"What people do with their time is what is most important. That doesn't have to be producing something or making something, it can be as simple as being kind." – Melinda Harper

Beci Orpin and Raph Rashid - creative couple

Designer Beci Orpin (Arro Home) and foodie entrepreneur Raph Rashid (Beatbox Kitchen, Taco Truck, All Day Donuts and Juanita Peaches), shot for Extraordinary Routines. "From the kids drop off at school, to learning how to switch off from projects, Beci and Raph generously share the often private world of a couple and the magic and the mundane within it." Read the interview about this creative couple's daily routine and see more photos at

“If I love what I do and I’m satisfied at the end of it, I feel like that is pretty extraordinary. If you are able to do something you love and get satisfaction out of it, it’s the best feeling ever.” – Beci Orpin

The following photos were taken at All Day Donuts and Beci and Raph's studio in Brunswick. 

Lucy Feagins - The Design Files

Lucy Feagins, the genius behind The Design Files, shot for Extraordinary Routines. I've been a big fan of The Design Files for many, many years now, so meeting Lucy and getting to shoot her in her studio was really special to me. See the full interview and more photos on

“No matter how good you are, you should always push yourself to be better. Having other people around you doing great things is the best motivation.” — Lucy Feagins