RMIT University - Meet the Maker

I had the pleasure of photographing artists and RMIT postgraduate art alumni, Julian Clavijo and Hannah Bertram for RMIT University's marketing department. RMIT published the photos with interviews online, and also as a large newsprint publication.

Julian Clavijo is a painter and sculptor, you can read his interview with RMIT here. Hannah Bertram is an artist working in the medium of dust, temporary art works made by sifting dust through stencils, read her interview with RMIT here.

The Design Court - Brunswick

The Design Court is an eclectic design and gift store located in Brunswick, Melbourne. The store is run by my dear friend Courtney. Whilst running her beautiful shop, Court makes the cutest girls dresses and patchwork quilts. I spent a day in the store, photographing her sewing, framing and serving her customers. 

These photos also feature on Extraordinary Routines, on a blog post about Courtney's shop and her daily routine. See here!

The Hall - Aftermath of a house fire

After six years of renovating a four storey luxury home in North Adelaide, a fire started in one of the walls of the top floor. 

The top floor including a cinema, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living area were severely damaged and smoke and water seriously damaged the remaining floors, altogether causing an estimated $1.5 million damage. The fire occurred just days before a 100-guest black tie grand opening. 

The owners were asleep on the second floor bedroom when the fire broke out. Luckily, their dog Murphy woke them up by barking and they were able to escape uninjured. About forty fire-fighters had to cut through the roof to access the fire and use cranes to direct water onto the flames. 

Ironically, one of the owners founded and ran a fire prevention equipment company that sold, installed and maintained the equipment. The equipment was installed in the house, but not yet on the top level.