West Footscray.

Editorial assistance by Madeleine Dore.

Dancing and musical performances in the living room, artist studio in the shed, and ‘trolley fires’ in the huge suburban backyard. This home has witnessed a lot thanks to its creative dwellers who have transformed a house that once belonged to an adorable Nonna into a casual oasis.

Who lives here?

Antonia: I am 27 and a full time visual artist. Originally from the UK, I moved to Melbourne from Adelaide about four years ago to pursue my art. I’m really connected to the arts community in the west, so I spend a lot of time working on community projects and public murals. Playtime is all about exploring where you probably shouldn’t, spending time with mates, Tinder dates, and painting.

Jess: I am 26, from Liverpool, England and have been in Melbourne for four years. I work as an associate director for a fundraising consultancy. For fun I love to read, write poetry, binge watch documentaries, go hiking, play piano, and I’m currently obsessed with learning to play saxophone.

Sarah: I am 26 and currently studying a Masters of Nursing Sciences at Melbourne University. I also work part time at OPSM. I’m originally from Adelaide but I’ve been in Melbourne for over six years. My life consists of uni and placement at the moment, so for ‘fun’ you’ll find me studying medical journals and books – in my spare time maybe a bit of stalking Harry Styles on Instagram and doing BuzzFeed quizzes.

If the house were a person, what would they be like?

Originally this house belonged to a Nonna. You can tell by all the fruit trees and growing areas, and that’s a pretty strong look and vibe to shift. I feel like we are the naughty kids on the block though now, always with the crazy overgrown front lawn and rubbish bag, but Nonna would be proud. We are always cooking or entertaining and generally just spreading love, and that’s what Nonna does too, right?

Do you have any activities or rituals that you like to do together?

Sarah: We are busy ladies with quite different schedules at the moment. However if we’re all home at the same time we do enjoy having a beer together on the veranda.

Antonia: Sunday roasts were a big thing for a while. The Yorkshire puddings were off the chart good. Now it’s more movies in the den and drunken porch smoke sessions.

How do you organise the cleaning and cooking?

Sarah: We have no set roster, we just do what we can when we can.

Antonia: I hate systems, but I also hate it when people don’t stick to my personal (OCD) system. The share house cleaning war shall never be won.


How did you all come to live here?

Antonia: I moved out here with a bunch of artist friends last year. I hit the age where partying was no longer my number one priority, and I wanted a bit of space. Now my life is lawns, pets, and growing vegetables!

Sarah: Antonia used to be my manager at a Subway in Adelaide years and years ago. As soon as I saw the house, I loved how retro and kitsch it was, so I moved in at the end of March.

Jess: I moved in about four months ago. One of my friends paints with Antonia, so we became mates and I thought she'd be lush to live with. Then I saw the garden with two different types of apple trees... I was in!

What do you like most about living in a share house?

Sarah: Coming home and knowing that one of the other girls will most likely be there. It’s a nice feeling.

Antonia: Learning how to deal with different personalities. You grow as a person if you share for long enough.

Jess: Creating a little dysfunctional family of your own.

Can you share any pet peeves, or what might drive you a little nuts about sharing a home?

Jess: Getting home from work, and opening the fridge to grab that last nice cold beer I’ve been looking forward to all afternoon, only to discover it’s not there.

What is your fondest memory of living in the house?

Antonia: Easter rules at our house. The weather is so perfect and we have the best garden for a big kids egg hunt, followed by garden boozing with the crew. You can’t beat that.

Tell me about the best party you’ve had at this house.

Antonia: The best parties are the non-parties where we profess to be laying low, but then there’s a fire in a trolley and a house full of girls playing instruments and twerking…

Sarah: We keep meaning to have a proper house warming party – stay posted.

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